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El Mejor de la Costa Amalfitana

El Mejor de la Costa Amalfitana

(ingles) The Amalfi Coast is probably Italy's most beautiful coastline. Moreover, the Costiera Amalfitana is located on the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, protected from the cold northern winds by its impressive mountains, and therefore...

Actividad: Senderismo | Organización: Autoguiado / En libertad | Días de viaje: 8 | Nivel: Medio | Destino: Italia, Campania, Salerno
Fechas: todo el año

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Este viaje está pensado para aquellos que quieren entrar en contacto con el Camino y desean obtener la Compostela. Desde Sarria hasta Santiago a través de verdes paisajes.

Actividad: Senderismo | Organización: Autoguiado / En libertad | Días de viaje: 7 | Nivel: Medio | Destino: España, Galicia, Lugo, Camino de Santiago Francés, A Coruña...
Fechas: todo el año

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Genius Loci - The Real Spirit of Italy !

Genius Loci Travel - the real Italian specialist for walking & cycling tours

Genius Loci Travel was founded in 2001, as one of the first Italian tour operators specialized in walking & cycling tours. Previous to that, many of our trips were developed and tested by our staff, on behalf of other specialized tour operators, in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

On behalf of these companies we developed some of the most successful walking holidays ever - in terms of numbers, but also of clients' satisfaction! Since the beginning Genius Loci Travel has handled thousands of satisfied clients, a guarantee for you !

Our Commitment to You

  • Responsible & sustainable tourism- all our trips are run as 'responsible' and 'sustainable' as possible, socially, culturally, economically and environmentally. For further details of our Responsible Tourism page.
  • Quality - Genius Loci Travel doesn't aim to offer the most luxurious tours, and neither the cheapest. But we do give the best value for money. Compare our tours & prices (and check what is included).
  • Satisfaction- We started to sell our tours directly upon demand from our customers and still rely very heavily on word of mouth and repeat custom for our bookings. Our clients know we give them the best holiday experience possible.
  • Financial security- We provide complete financial security for all our clients and adhere to all regulations concerning the safety of our clients' money.
  • Feedback- At the end of every trip, we provide our clients with a questionnaire that we ask you to fill in. Our clients' feedback is used to continuously improve the quality of our holidays (or maintain the quality of our 'perfect' tours).
  • Exclusivity - We specialise in one country Italy, and are able to offer a more extensive programme of walking and cycling tours than anyone else in our country. Many of our tours are 'originals', designed & developed by our staff members. These are painstakingly researched routes across many of the most inspiring parts of Italy. Often imitated, never equalled !